These 10 simple things will make your phone’s battery last longer

Skip the battery-saving apps. Forget force-quit. Here are the simplest ways to save the most juice.

The 10 Things

  • Figure out what’s sucking your battery.
  • Low Power Mode.
  •  Fix your auto-lock.
  • Disable location services.
  • Turn of “Push” on your email accounts.
  • Turn on auto-brightness.
  • Don’t use data when you could be using wifi.
  • Turn off background auto-refresh.
  • When you don’t have cell coverage, use Airplane Mode.
  • Make sure your computer is on while it’s charging your phone.

Sometimes restarting your phone is also beneficial

Sometimes your phone is playing up and the battery is draining quicker than you expect, but try as you might you just cannot understand why. It’s times like these that a restart is in order, often helping to cure otherwise inexplicable battery drain.

A more brutal approach is a factory reset (Settings > System > Advanced >Reset Options > Erase all data), but do note you’ll lose anything not backed up and it won’t fix your problem unless it’s a software issue.

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