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Limassol Marina

Situated on the south coast of Cyprus, Limassol Marina has already established itself as one of the most exciting new luxury marina destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The centrepiece of an exclusive waterfront development, this full service marina at Limassol, combines elegant residences with an enticing mix of restaurants and shops to create a lifestyle uniquely shaped by ‘living on the sea’.

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The Limassol Marina is a snapshot of the exquisite Cypriot lifestyle in the vibrant city of Limassol, where residents and visitors can mingle, shop and dine along the mediterranean cost walking paths bordering the emerald-hued waterfront.

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Limassol Marina BirdEye View
Limassol Marina BirdEye View

The first thoughts that would come to your mind are the hospitable, accommodating and cosy atmosphere of the Marina just minutes away from the center of the Castle Area in Limassol.

Shopping Street mediterranean cruise limassol- cyprus
Shopping Street Limassol Marina

Walk down the small shopping street at the middle of the Marina and you are welcome with arches and beautiful colours that frame the shops.

For list of shops, Click Here.

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Limassol Marina Restaurants Angle View

Limassol Marina Restaurants Strip

Waterfront Dining at Limassol Marina!

  • Local and International Cuisine.
  • Various bars and cafes.
  • Promenade area.

The waterfront dining at Limassol Marina offers a mouth-watering range of local and international cuisine, a choice of restaurants, cafes, wine, cigar and lounge bars.

Restaurant and bars with a great scenic view

Located at the iconic beachfront of the Limassol Marina, the 3 sky raised restaurants offer amazing views on Limassol as well as the Marina.

Limassol Marina Sky Bridge
Limassol Marina Sky Bridge

Overwhelm your senses with the awe-inspiring view of the city and the Marina bay while indulging yourself with a great meal or a cocktail.

For a list of the Limassol Marina Restaurants, Click Here.

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The Old Port Transformation

Limassol Marina Boat

Limassol Marina have been built over the same location of the old port of Limassol. The visitors are able to notice the restored buildings that remained from the old port, which give to the Marina an exceptional Cypriot Charm and a feast for the eyes.

From heritage wooden boats to large metal boat barns, walking along the coastal pathway you will be able to enjoy all of what the Marina has to offer. A stop for a cold refreshing drink, an ice-cream maybe or a delicious meal.

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